Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 11

This morning we left the hotel on foot. Traffic was extremely light because of Shabbat. We walked through the Rose Garden to the menorah-shaped monument outside the Knesset (parliament) building. The monument depicts various scenes of Israel’s history from Biblical times to modern times.From there we walked to the Israel Museum. There was a large model of Second Temple Jerusalem. It was built in 1965, largely from the descriptions Josephus provides. Since then many details have been confirmed by archeological discoveries.Part of the museum, the Shrine of the Book, has Dead Sea scroll fragments and other related artifacts. The centerpiece is a replica of the complete Isaiah scroll. Photography is not permitted in the Shrine.

There were too many exhibits in the museum to see in one day. But we looked at some related to Biblical times.After lunch at a coffee shop, the bus picked us up. Through narrow streets, clogged with vehicles, (this was in the Muslim area of East Jerusalem, therefore not observing Shabbat) we made our way up the Mount of Olives. The view of the city was amazing. We thought of Jesus weeping for the city.We found a relatively quiet place to read various verses about Jesus’ last day with His disciples.

We walked down a steep street toward the city wall. It may have been here that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey.We entered a garden of olive trees. Joe said a Gethsemane (olive press) had been discovered nearby. We sat and listened to Joe discuss Jesus’ time in the garden. It is here that the victory over sin was won. What was the cup that Jesus chose to drink for us?

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