House Of Bread

October 26, 2015 The house of bread, Bethlehem, is where the bread of the world was born! So today we headed to Efrat, by Bethlehem, and learned about baking bread in the Middle East. Here we patted out the dough, making little round and flat cakes of bread with seasonings. There it is. Ready for … More House Of Bread

City of David

The City of David, outside the old City Walls, is where we spent a part of our time of learning today. A 3D movie put the early history of this city in very good perspective. Then, after exploring Hezekiah’s water tunnel through the the bedrock, we walked back up the Kidron Valley to the Dung … More City of David

Aliyah to Jerusalem!

This report is for October 23, 2015. The most important Tel of the North. Meggido. The city gates dating back to the time of Ahab. The round altar and temple from the Canaanite period. This is where child sacrifices were encouraged. Diverse sexual immoralities were performed in these temples. In public view. Abortion is not a … More Aliyah to Jerusalem!