Taste of Honey-Day 8

Beginning our day at Qatsrin. Our session begins inside a first century house with the story of the four men bringing the paralytic to Jesus. They tore the roof open to let the man down. The question is raised: Who fixed the roof?  How much time do we spend looking for prodigals?  Wouldn’t you love … More Taste of Honey-Day 8

Taste of Honey- Day 7

Shadows were still high on the opposite mountain, and the moon high in the sky when we started up Mt. Arbel. Give God something to bless, and enjoy the journey!Periodically, at the times when we needed a rest, the Rabbi would stand tirelessly and teach his heart out. First he paints a clear picture of … More Taste of Honey- Day 7

Taste of Honey- Day 4

Our guides changed the itinerary and we went to Tel Be’er Sheva first.Here is where Abraham was called to,by God, to impact the world. He even made a covenant with Abimelech, a pagan king. But wait, we say— that can’t work! That’s being unequally yoked with an unbeliever! What kind of God tells us to do … More Taste of Honey- Day 4

Taste of Honey-Day 3

The morning for most of us was begun with an attempt to watch the sun rise over the Ramon Crater. But those of us that rose early missed it, because breakfast time rolled around before the sun made its appearance. But we were not disappointed. The quietness and coolness of the morning was a balmy … More Taste of Honey-Day 3

Taste of Honey-Day 1

We have arrived safely in the Land, the plane having been carried in the Hands of our Father,….and after stowing luggage and passengers into the crowded van,…. …We headed to Yaffo (Jaffa/Joppa), and listened to and learned from the story of Jonah. Can we choose to see repentance as a joy?  Peter also has the vision of … More Taste of Honey-Day 1