Herod the Great

You never cease to wonder when you visit the sites of Herod the Great. The northern palace of Masada is a wonder in itself, the fresco walls & fluted pillars which were done with plaster; they’re not solid pillars like Josephus says but they are still amazing.  Walking through Caesarea beside the Mediterranean Sea is … More Herod the Great

A Well-Kept Vine

Last week as we were heading south we stopped in hill country of Judah. As we walked along the path and fields we observed the different trees and plants. I saw this grapevine all by itself, a wild grape vine. {Read Isaiah 5} As you can see we also found a beautiful wine press in … More A Well-Kept Vine

Standing Stones

As we entered Gezer and studied the standing stones, I wondered, What kind of stones are we? Are we impacting those around us like Peter says, Be living stones, stones that represent the Messiah? As you let Jesus shine through you today, you can say with Paul, follow me as I follow Christ.

Kidron Valley

Today as we came out of Hezekiah’s tunnel and sat at the Pool of Siloam I was struck with a new appreciation for the story of the blind man whom Jesus sent from the city to wash at the pool. The path is steep and difficult today, what would it have been like if one was … More Kidron Valley