Covenant Chorale Day 12

Good morning from the Herodium, Herod’s favorite palace, fortress and mausoleum! Since Herod wanted his fortress to be the highest mountain in Judea, he had his workers carry buckets of rock and gravel to the top and extend the height of the mountain. An aqueduct  brought water from approximately 18 kilometers away, so there was … More Covenant Chorale Day 12

Covenant Chorale Day 7

Herod’s aqueduct in Caesarea was our first stop this morning, for a very quick group photo.  Our program at Kibbutz Beth-El was wonderful. When we arrived, the hospitable Germans served coffee, tea, bread and cookies, then Daniel gave us some history and showed a presentation about what they do on the kibbutz and the things … More Covenant Chorale Day 7

Covenant Chorale Day 5

Shabbat Shalom! We had our first concert at a charming mountaintop monastery this afternoon. The bus wound its way upward through groves of olive trees and freshly plowed fields. The monastery houses both monks and nuns who cultivate and sell olives for pressed on site olive oil. They also sell honey and spices. The monastery … More Covenant Chorale Day 5