Shabbat II

Post by Jackie (Kenaston) Hershberger

We had a special experience offered to us for our second Shabbat in Israel. David and Devorah Katz, an Orthodox family with whom Joe is acquainted offered to open their home and share their evening with us. David came to Israel to study 30 years ago and remained as a baker!

We left the bus outside the community and walked in through the empty streets where nobody drives during the Sabbath. We walked with the Katz family to the synagogue for a service.

Following our walk back from the synagogue, our generous hosts blessed us with an authentic Sabbath supper. Their genuine warmth and obvious desire to give us a positive learning experience was evidenced by their totally open attitudes to converse and invite questions. They kindly explained each step of the wine (or juice), the bread, their song, blessing each of their children, and the reading of the Torah before the meal. Did I say MEAL? I mean FEAST!!!

There were hours of labor involved in preparing the table, the bread (they offered 3 kinds from their own bakery), the 6 dips, the matzo ball soup, the chicken, the turkey, the beautiful roasted vegetables, the green beans, cauliflower, potato pudding …. it was all delicious!

There is dedication to preserving precious family unity, national pride, and Judaism that leaves the “onlooker” feeling a deep sense of respect.

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