SMBI Study Tour Day 5

Thursday morning we left Restal Hotel soon after 7 a.m. We jumped into the day with an encouragement from Joe to hazak each other- to cheer each other on.As usual we didn’t know where we were headed. But we would be given many opportunities to pull together as a community and encourage each other in the journey. Mt. Arbel loomed ahead of us, steep and foreboding. Lord, give me this mountain! So step by step we began the upward climb. It was beautiful to witness the group working together and caring for each other in our weaknesses. We need each other greatly!! The view at the top was amazing. So worth every ounce of effort!For lunch we enjoyed fresh pita bread stuffed with humus, tomatoes, fried eggplant, and hard-boiled eggs. Tasty!After arriving at Bet’ Sh’an, we hiked to the top of the hill overlooking an aphitheatre and the ruins of a Greek temple.We had the amazing opportunity to sing “There is a God” to a large group of green-coated Israeli soldiers in the Amphitheatre. That was quite the experience to say the least!We also hiked along the side of a Judean mountain and settled on the side of the hill, admiring the incredible, barren beauty of the wilderness below. After Joe gave us some food for thought, we bought souvenirs from some little bedouim boys.Jerusalem here we come!! After driving through a tunnel, we emerged to an incredible view. Oh the excitement that surged through our veins as we caught our first glimpse of the golden dome with a sunset in the background! Wow moment!Tonight we settled into the Prima Hotel for the night. Praise the Lord for beautiful weather so far and safety overall! Continue to pray that we would have eyes to see and ears to hear as we continue on the journey of following the great Rabbi.

3 thoughts on “SMBI Study Tour Day 5

  1. Awesome photos – thanks for including us on your journey. When I visited Israel Mount Ariel wasn’t included with the tour so I’ll live vicariously through your journey blog. Enjoy!


  2. Thank you to each one of you who did these blog posts! It is a wonderful help as we print off pictures and try to relive what we saw in Israel! Mary Ann and Curvin


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