SMBI Study Tour Day 4

Once again, this morning we were up bright and early to eat breakfast before heading out for another day. Our first stop this morning was Mt of Beatitudes overlooking Galilee. We had a short walk to get to the teaching location, during which we experienced a brief, light rain. It was really meaningful to read the Sermon on the Mount in its original geographic setting! Today on the bus Joe taught us a new Hebrew word ‘halak’. It encompasses the meaning of taking action on what we know. May we ‘halak’ everything we learn here when we get home! We spent some time by the Sea of Galilee with our feet dangling in the water while listening to Joe teach about discipleship. Do we wake up each morning passionate and excited about being a disciple of Yeshua, or do we see it as a part-time commitment? Are we digging deep into the word and studying it? One rabbi said, “The Scripture is not yielded to lazy people.” If Jesus is our rabbi, am I as a disciple following in His footprints?Next stop was Capernaum, which was a major religious center of Jesus’ time. Are we willing to go to the Yales and Harvards of our time- to places of influence? Or are we timid and ashamed to be an influence for the kingdom?We went to Magdala, where there is the only known original synagogue from Jesus’ time. This was also very likely the place where Jesus met Mary Magdalene. He was very loving: His love drew people wherever He went. Am I radiating Christ’s love wherever I go?We enjoyed a delicious lunch with the option of chicken or fish. Most people opted for a ‘fishy experience’:):)After lunch we were in for a special treat – a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee! I could almost imagine being with Jesus and the disciples out on their boat.The final stop for today was the Jordan River. It was a really meaningful experience for us as a group! Joe talked about re-commitment and how baptism represents that in our lives. Most of us decided to go into the water all the way. We then stood in the water and sang a few songs. It was an experience we will never forget!Today was a very rich day, with many rich experiences and much to think about. We got back to our motel earlier than normal for a relaxing evening at our hotel. One more night here in Galilee, and then it is on to Jerusalem! Pray that we would continue to fully enjoy and experience the gift of being here in Israel, and to have open hearts to what God wants to teach us. Thank-you!

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