Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 4

We spent the night at a great hotel in Beersheva, and enjoyed another wonderful breakfast buffet.

We drove southward through the desert for about 2 hrs this morning, views reminiscent of the Badlands or Grand Canyon. A “makhtesh” is a huge hole in the ground formed by water and weather. The dominant color is yellow-tan, sparsely accented by acacia trees where dry water courses run.

Bicycling is a popular Sabbath pastime.

The ark of the covenant was made of acacia wood.

As we approached Timnah park, we saw a more reddish brown mixed with black, and fascinating rock formations. We hiked over a ridge of rock, and across the stony sand, thinking of the Israelites wandering in this area for 40 years.

Timnah has had copper mining since ancient times. It has been ruled by many different nations through the years, including Edomites, Midianites, and Egyptians. Recently remains of garments were found which have been dated to Solomon’s era. Perhaps copper from Timnah was used in the First Temple.

Joe spoke to us about how Moses’ leadership developed from striking out like a Pharaoh, to shepherding his people.

Unlike the Israelites, we can come before the Lord at any time, thanks to the finished work of Jesus! God calls us to be a kingdom of priests. We stand between God and man.

Featured Participants

Elton and Laura Yoder live in Holmes County with their six children. Their background is Old Order Amish. They spent a year and a half serving as missionaries in Cambodia. Elton is an ordained evangelist, and also fills some pastoral responsibilities in their outreach congregation. He says this Israel trip will definitely enhance his ministry and his passion for his King and Savior “Messiah“ Jesus Christ. The Yoders are grateful to the Father for the gift of experiencing this as a couple.

2 thoughts on “Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 4

  1. Enjoy the pictures so much! 😊 We know at least 3 of the couple’s, Delberts, Eltons & Virgil’s… Though! We didn’t know about him & Jackie being married!! 😍 So happy for them. What a blessing all could go to learn & experience!!

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