Your Adventure Awaits!

It has been wonderful for us back home to catch a glimpse of the Land of the Bible and feel some of the excitement of the group as they create unforgettable experiences together.


Has it given you the urge to experience the Land as well? We have good news for you! In September 2016, Joe Mullet will be leading an intensive, 14-day trip to Israel. You’ll hear the passion of Elijah as you stand atop Mount Carmel, sweat profusely while hiking in the deserts where David tended sheep and feel the Gospels come alive as you follow Jesus’ steps around the Sea of Galilee. The experience may very well change your life!



We’d be delighted to have you be part of our group. So, find a friend (or two) and come join the adventure!


You’re not sure if you want to commit? Take a look at our brochure and reservation form over here or give Joe a call at 330-204-6813. He is happy to answer any questions you might have.
Adventure Awaits

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