”Our Kingdom Inheritance | The Eschatology of Jesus” Teaching

Invite a friend, and join us for a day of teaching on ”The Eschatology of Jesus”. Teachers Vernon Beachy and Jimmy McDonald have both spent years, studying the Hebraic context of the Text. Over the years, the church in the west has formed some ideas about the eschatology of Jesus that is considerably other than what was understood in … More ”Our Kingdom Inheritance | The Eschatology of Jesus” Teaching

Covenant Chorale Day 12

Good morning from the Herodium, Herod’s favorite palace, fortress and mausoleum! Since Herod wanted his fortress to be the highest mountain in Judea, he had his workers carry buckets of rock and gravel to the top and extend the height of the mountain. An aqueduct  brought water from approximately 18 kilometers away, so there was … More Covenant Chorale Day 12

Covenant Chorale Day 7

Herod’s aqueduct in Caesarea was our first stop this morning, for a very quick group photo.  Our program at Kibbutz Beth-El was wonderful. When we arrived, the hospitable Germans served coffee, tea, bread and cookies, then Daniel gave us some history and showed a presentation about what they do on the kibbutz and the things … More Covenant Chorale Day 7

Covenant Chorale Day 5

Shabbat Shalom! We had our first concert at a charming mountaintop monastery this afternoon. The bus wound its way upward through groves of olive trees and freshly plowed fields. The monastery houses both monks and nuns who cultivate and sell olives for pressed on site olive oil. They also sell honey and spices. The monastery … More Covenant Chorale Day 5

Song & Study

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Psalm 100:1&2 Study is at the heart of our ministry here at Talmidim Studies. This is obvious by the name we’ve chosen for our ministry. However, there are many ways in which study and personal ministry can be … More Song & Study

Taste of Honey-Day 8

Beginning our day at Qatsrin. Our session begins inside a first century house with the story of the four men bringing the paralytic to Jesus. They tore the roof open to let the man down. The question is raised: Who fixed the roof?  How much time do we spend looking for prodigals?  Wouldn’t you love … More Taste of Honey-Day 8

Taste of Honey- Day 7

Shadows were still high on the opposite mountain, and the moon high in the sky when we started up Mt. Arbel. Give God something to bless, and enjoy the journey!Periodically, at the times when we needed a rest, the Rabbi would stand tirelessly and teach his heart out. First he paints a clear picture of … More Taste of Honey- Day 7

Taste of Honey- Day 4

Our guides changed the itinerary and we went to Tel Be’er Sheva first.Here is where Abraham was called to,by God, to impact the world. He even made a covenant with Abimelech, a pagan king. But wait, we say— that can’t work! That’s being unequally yoked with an unbeliever! What kind of God tells us to do … More Taste of Honey- Day 4

Taste of Honey-Day 3

The morning for most of us was begun with an attempt to watch the sun rise over the Ramon Crater. But those of us that rose early missed it, because breakfast time rolled around before the sun made its appearance. But we were not disappointed. The quietness and coolness of the morning was a balmy … More Taste of Honey-Day 3

Taste of Honey-Day 1

We have arrived safely in the Land, the plane having been carried in the Hands of our Father,….and after stowing luggage and passengers into the crowded van,…. …We headed to Yaffo (Jaffa/Joppa), and listened to and learned from the story of Jonah. Can we choose to see repentance as a joy?  Peter also has the vision of … More Taste of Honey-Day 1

Day 1: Gezer, Beit Shemesh, Azekah, Tel Maresha, and Mizpe Ramon

9:30 AM Traveling east, we are driving away from the coastal area of Tel Aviv into a greener part of the country known as the Shephelah. Here we will stop at a tel called Gezer. A tel is a geographical site once occupied (by humans, of course) but now abandoned. Once upon a time, Solomon … More Day 1: Gezer, Beit Shemesh, Azekah, Tel Maresha, and Mizpe Ramon

Welcome to Israel

20:48 PM (New York City) After being served drinks and mini bagels (at least they look like bagels; reading Hebrew isn’t one of my strong points), our group of twenty-four is settling in for the rest of the 9 hr. 5 min. flight to Tel Aviv. 10:30 AM (Tel Aviv-Yafo) We are now flying over … More Welcome to Israel

Learning to Trust

These past couple days in Israel have been excellent, and it is amazing to see what God is doing in our lives! Time seems to fly as fast here in Israel, and its crazy that it’s almost been a week here in God’s land already. Our days have varied quite a bit from visiting ancient … More Learning to Trust

A Weekend of Study

Mt Hope Auction 8076 State Route 241 | Mt Hope, OH 44660 Friday Evening 6:30-9:00 Saturday 9:00-3:00 (lunch provided) Sunday Morning 9:00-11:00 No reservations required. A freewill offering will be held to cover expenses Questions? 330.600.8064 We at Talmidim Studies are excited to welcome Ray Vander Laan, from That the World May Know Ministries, back … More A Weekend of Study

House Of Bread

October 26, 2015 The house of bread, Bethlehem, is where the bread of the world was born! So today we headed to Efrat, by Bethlehem, and learned about baking bread in the Middle East. Here we patted out the dough, making little round and flat cakes of bread with seasonings. There it is. Ready for … More House Of Bread

City of David

The City of David, outside the old City Walls, is where we spent a part of our time of learning today. A 3D movie put the early history of this city in very good perspective. Then, after exploring Hezekiah’s water tunnel through the the bedrock, we walked back up the Kidron Valley to the Dung … More City of David

Aliyah to Jerusalem!

This report is for October 23, 2015. The most important Tel of the North. Meggido. The city gates dating back to the time of Ahab. The round altar and temple from the Canaanite period. This is where child sacrifices were encouraged. Diverse sexual immoralities were performed in these temples. In public view. Abortion is not a … More Aliyah to Jerusalem!

Milestones in Galilee

Oh Galilee! Thou insignificant land of old! Thou crossroad of the world! You’ve become the center of attraction for folks that follow the Light of the Nations. They come from afar to sail thy waters and commit their devotion to the Light of Israel. They teach their people wondrous things from Messiah’s Words of Wisdom! … More Milestones in Galilee

Gone To Galilee

Today, after sojourning all this time in Abraham and David country, we gathered our “flocks and herds” together and traveled to Jesus country. Making some stops along the way. We all enjoyed the Dead Sea sunrise, peeking over the Moab mountains. And one of us enjoyed it so much he had to get in the … More Gone To Galilee

Wilderness Day

A foggy morning greeted us in Tel Arad. It was beautiful! The gates of the city gave us a warm welcome. Preparing for a teaching session. Hiking to the Canaanite section of town. Masada: “Please bring those legs that feel like jelly and climb up my backside.” “Then, if you are young and still have … More Wilderness Day

The Land Welcomes “Sweeter Than Honey”

Shalom dear friends! My name is David. I will attempt to keep you up to date on this tour group trip to Israel, dubbed “Sweeter Than Honey.”  Our teacher, Joe Mullet, in association with Talmidim Studies, is doing a wonderful job of leading this group of people from diverse backgrounds and faiths. Our hotel accommodations … More The Land Welcomes “Sweeter Than Honey”

Wadi Zin

Last week we had a warm hike through Wadi Zin, and I think this is a must-see for our groups. The view from the top is breathtaking and I was once again in awe of our Creator.

Herod the Great

You never cease to wonder when you visit the sites of Herod the Great. The northern palace of Masada is a wonder in itself, the fresco walls & fluted pillars which were done with plaster; they’re not solid pillars like Josephus says but they are still amazing.  Walking through Caesarea beside the Mediterranean Sea is … More Herod the Great

A Well-Kept Vine

Last week as we were heading south we stopped in hill country of Judah. As we walked along the path and fields we observed the different trees and plants. I saw this grapevine all by itself, a wild grape vine. {Read Isaiah 5} As you can see we also found a beautiful wine press in … More A Well-Kept Vine

Standing Stones

As we entered Gezer and studied the standing stones, I wondered, What kind of stones are we? Are we impacting those around us like Peter says, Be living stones, stones that represent the Messiah? As you let Jesus shine through you today, you can say with Paul, follow me as I follow Christ.

Kidron Valley

Today as we came out of Hezekiah’s tunnel and sat at the Pool of Siloam I was struck with a new appreciation for the story of the blind man whom Jesus sent from the city to wash at the pool. The path is steep and difficult today, what would it have been like if one was … More Kidron Valley

Ray VanderLaan Seminar | March 2016

Ray VanderLann is coming to Ohio! Dates: March 25th, 26th & 27th 2016 Address: Mt. Hope Auction | 8076 State Route 241, Millersburg, OH 44654 website: http://www.talmidimstudies.org facebook: http://www.facebook.com/talmidimstudies blog: http://www.walkintheland.wordpress.com email: eyoder@talmidimstudies.org Share this event and invite your friends on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/1622982837949809/ Please visit our website to sign up for the ministry newsletter, and to stay … More Ray VanderLaan Seminar | March 2016

-David’s Rambling Escapades and Other Character Studies-

February 16, 2015 A heavenly light shines in the city of Jerusalem as we head south again. We were blown off course* and went Northwest through the hills of Ephraim instead. But the pathways turned out to be flower-strewn. The gates of Tel Lakhish welcomed us with no resistance. There were walls built of mud … More -David’s Rambling Escapades and Other Character Studies-

-Open Our Eyes-

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your Law. Psalm 119:18 We, a band of 7 pilgrims from the lovely land of Holmes county and beyond, are about to leave American soil and return to the land that holds a major part of our hearts. Already we have run into some … More -Open Our Eyes-

Day Five

Quran Beth Shon | Alexander the Great If I bring in Religion, Education, Arts & Media, and Sports then I can change the world. Alexander the Great

Day Three

Today we again were blessed with cooler then normal temperatures, and a nice breeze. We spend all day in the Negev Desert area.  You will notice the land can have a huge contrast difference in a short distance. We did a bit more hiking today, which most of us were ready for. It was a … More Day Three

Day two

The weather this morning was very pleasant with clouds and a nice breeze going through. As we gathered outside our hotel, we felt a few sprinkles of rain! (For Israel that’s like getting snow in Ohio in June!) The weather throughout the day was an unusual cooler temperature for this time of the year. We did … More Day two

The Team is Home!

They arrived at Pittsburg safe and sound around 10 this morning. We’ve been hearing lots of stories and checking out photos and yummy treats from Jerusalem. Thank you Lord for safety! Baruch Hashem Adonai!