A Taste of Honey- Day 1

On August 24, We arrived in Ben Gurion International airport around 11 am, ready to go after a 10 hour flight from Newark, NJ. Jet lag wasn’t recognized by our fearless leaders; we came to learn and grow and Mr. Joe and Mr. Stan made sure we wasted no time getting straight to the point!

Our first stop was Joppa. We took in the beautiful skyline and explored several key events that occurred there— and the implications for us as Christians.

Jesus was for the Jews and Gentiles, as Acts 9 explains. The Bible in its entirety lays out God’s plan; the Old Testament and New Testament go together. One is not to be valued above the other.

Later, after lunch in Joppa, we hiked to Gezer. Gezer is a tell that has been excavated on multiple ‘layers’. We spent time at the gate of the city.

Sitting there on the ruins of the gates sticks out to me above everything else today. The gates were incredibly important back in those days. And the people stationed by the gate had incredible sway and prominence within the city. The gatekeepers were compared to our church leaders; the inhabitants of the city, the church. When wars would start, generally the conquest would begin at the gate. Soldiers were positioned in rooms right inside, to defend the city. If one would get wounded or hurt, there would be others that would get them medical attention. And more would step right in to defend the city.

Isn’t that a picture of how the church should be? Warding off the wickedness, defending the kingdom, caring for the wounded? I was challenged in the way I view church.

The first day in Israel did not disappoint! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out how to upload pictures, hopefully I can get them posted soon. Thank you for your support and prayers!

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