-David’s Rambling Escapades and Other Character Studies-

February 16, 2015 A heavenly light shines in the city of Jerusalem as we head south again. We were blown off course* and went Northwest through the hills of Ephraim instead. But the pathways turned out to be flower-strewn. The gates of Tel Lakhish welcomed us with no resistance. There were walls built of mud … More -David’s Rambling Escapades and Other Character Studies-

-Open Our Eyes-

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your Law. Psalm 119:18 We, a band of 7 pilgrims from the lovely land of Holmes county and beyond, are about to leave American soil and return to the land that holds a major part of our hearts. Already we have run into some … More -Open Our Eyes-

Day Five

Quran Beth Shon | Alexander the Great If I bring in Religion, Education, Arts & Media, and Sports then I can change the world. Alexander the Great

Day Three

Today we again were blessed with cooler then normal temperatures, and a nice breeze. We spend all day in the Negev Desert area.  You will notice the land can have a huge contrast difference in a short distance. We did a bit more hiking today, which most of us were ready for. It was a … More Day Three

Day two

The weather this morning was very pleasant with clouds and a nice breeze going through. As we gathered outside our hotel, we felt a few sprinkles of rain! (For Israel that’s like getting snow in Ohio in June!) The weather throughout the day was an unusual cooler temperature for this time of the year. We did … More Day two

The Team is Home!

They arrived at Pittsburg safe and sound around 10 this morning. We’ve been hearing lots of stories and checking out photos and yummy treats from Jerusalem. Thank you Lord for safety! Baruch Hashem Adonai!

The Forth Candle is Lit

Its Hanukkah in Jerusalem. There are candles burning in the windows and outside apartments. Sweet Sufganiyot are sold in every food store in town. I’m loving having the opportunity to be here and experience this time of year, the celebration of deliverance and the miracle of light, with the people directly connected to the origin of … More The Forth Candle is Lit

{My Second Home}

It’s amazing how much this city feels like home. How after a month I don’t mind walking home alone after dark or taking the bus somewhere. How I love running in the fresh fall air and seeing if I can get lost but I always end up at a familiar street again. The skies in Jerusalem … More {My Second Home}

Beautiful Galilee

Hello from the shore of the Sea of Galilee! We’re two days into our four day study up here and it has been amazing! I wanted to post a few of my favorite shots from the two days, but I need to sleep not fiddle around on here. 🙂 We’ve been to Beth Shean, Meggido. … More Beautiful Galilee

Uncrowned Queen of Palestine (and other places)

The drive north through the hill country is amazing. We move out of cenomanian layers to the more rounded eocene hills and then into the deeply eroded Michmatah valley filled with alluvial soil so wonderful for agriculture. (Ha, I love using those terms cause by now you’re all probably scratching your head a bit and … More Uncrowned Queen of Palestine (and other places)

A Blessed Shabbat

My sandals squeak on the stones of an ancient Jerusalem street. The beauty of this special Shabbat morning drenches me in joy. I am in awe of the goodness of God. Yes, the week past has been a bumpy one. Yes, there have been multiple clashes and pains. But does that change the goodness of … More A Blessed Shabbat


Lord Willing we will be in the land of the Text in approximately 27 days. We’re so excited about all the details that God has been working out. He is amazing and slowly, slowly it feels like I’m learning to trust Him in full faith. Thank you for your support in prayer and finances. We … More Shalom…