A Taste of Honey- Day 14

The Garden Tomb

A perfect wrap up day. We got all of our things packed up and headed out in the bus for several more stops. The first was The Garden Tomb, the traditional burial place of Jesus. We also saw “the place of the skull”- Golgotha. It was incredibly peaceful; knowing that we serve a God who didn’t stay dead is amazing beyond words!

The next, and final stop of the trip was the Herodion. It was a great fortress Herod built and was later buried in. While over in Israel, you get a real sense of the difference in power of Jesus and Herod. Herod wanted a great name, and has ruins of his accomplishments all over the country! But they are just that- ruins. And he died. Jesus quietly built a kingdom through love, care, and compassion. Jesus and his kingdom are still alive today!

Herodion Cisterns

We had a final meal together, and headed for the airport. Everyone is filled up beyond words! Today was a great time to just enjoy being together. There was a time of sharing before boarding; We said goodbye to Stan at the Tel Aviv airport and began the long trip back home. Most everyone is now on the last leg of the journey.

I’m thankful for the different aspects of God that I felt in His land. The shade that comes at the most opportune times in the heat of the desert. The freezing cold water that comes splashing down in Engedi on scorching hot days. The sense of family that helped 24 people navigate some pretty intense hikes. The awesome people we met along the way.

Thanks for following along on our trip! God bless each of y’all.

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