A Taste of Honey- Day 10

Fishing on the Sea of Galilee (Day 9)

Today, we are heading for Jerusalem! We left our hotel by the Sea of Galilee this morning— making stops along the way to Jerusalem. We started out with a quick hike to Bet Shean. On the one side of the hill was a fairly steep cliff, where we looked down into the ruins of a Greek city. It was an incredible view! We talked about the potential dangers associated with the Greek world mindset that we have all grown up with. Commerce, religion, entertainment and media have shaped us so much, as the Greeks said they would. There on the hill, we prayed for faithfulness and courage to go against the materialistic mindset; to seek God and others first.

We also overlooked the Judean wilderness, talking about the Jericho Road, Jesus being tempted in the wilderness for 40 days, and the story of the Good Samaritan.

We begin our ascent to Jerusalem. It is such a beautiful city! We spent time in a garden on the mount of Olives, during which Mr. Joe sprinkled dust on our feet, to symbolize being covered with the dust out our Rabbi, Jesus. We visited the Western Wall as well. After supper at our hotel, we walked through the streets, which were in most places quite dead. We headed to the Western Wall again, going through the City once again. It was a really cool experience! Looking forward to the next 3 days in the city; yet it is pretty sad because it means our time is almost over.

*more pictures tomorrow

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