A Taste of Honey- Day 9

Pictures from last night- Sea of Galilee

Day 9 was spent in the northern part of Israel. We took a walk along part of the Jordan river in the land that was Dan’s inheritance.

We also visited the site that indicated worship to the golden calf, brought about during Jeroboam’s reign.

Ancient city gates of what would have been eventually called Dan; Abraham visited here.
Caesarea Philippi

Caesarea Philippi was a place of ancient pagan worship. It was built by Herod, and was the place Jesus took his disciples to show what it means for His kingdom to push back the forces of darkness.

We then went to the Golan Heights. Mr. Stan, our tour guide, shared some more incredible, modern day stories of God working in the land of Israel. From our perch, we saw the lands of Lebanon and Syria; right behind us on the hill there was a makeshift fort that the Israeli army had set up during the Yom Kippur war.

We toured a reconstructed biblical era home in Qatzrin. Living quarters were so small! We talked about the prodigal son, the lost coin, and the lame man being brought down through the roof of a house for healing.

Tonight, after supper, we are hoping to go fishing on the Sea of Galilee! And starting tomorrow, we will be in Jerusalem, the City of the Great King!

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