A Taste of Honey- Day 8

Mount Arbel.

We started our day early to try to stay ahead of the heat as we climbed our mountain for the day. It was probably the most strenuous hike so far, and so, so good! We pulled together as a group quite well, and made it to the top. There were caves to explore as well, remains of the Zealot’s fortresses that the Crusaders built upon centuries later.

Magdala is home of Israel’s oldest known synagogue. Catholics found the ruins whilst excavating for the motel they had planned to make near the site. It is quite certain that Jesus would have been in this synagogue.

A powerful picture in the Catholic Church at Magdala, depicting the women reaching to touch Jesus’ robe.

We wrapped up our sightseeing early today; The plan for this evening is to go out on the Sea of Galilee.

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