A Taste of Honey- Day 6

Shiloh was our first stop of the day. It was the home of the tabernacle for 396 years. Excavations are still ongoing as they try to figure out the actual spot of the tabernacle. One of the most well known stories is of Hannah pouring out her heart to God for the birth of her son Samuel.

We came along the coast of the Mediterranean to the city of Caesarea, another city that Herod built. We went out to the sea and tried to find pieces of marble left from Herod’s rule, it was quite difficult! The lesson: as big and beautiful as the city was, there are only pieces of it left. Jesus’ kingdom was never a physical place— yet the church and his kingdom remains!

At Mt. Carmel, we learned of the courage, conviction, and character of Elijah. The passion for God he had was incredible.

We also stopped at Megiddo and the Valley of Armageddon. The park was closed as we pulled up, but we were able to get pictures and stand in the valley. This is where, according to the Bible, the troops will be gathered for the final battle.

The final destination was Nazareth. The view was awesome— but knowing that this was Jesus’ hometown, and we got to walk where he walked was pretty cool. We talked about what it must have been like for Jesus during his childhood. I came away from that site feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness that Jesus can down for us when we totally didn’t deserve it.

Tonight, the name of God—Emmanuel— has a new meaning. Truly, “God is with us”.

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