SMBI Study Tour Day 11

This morning we woke bright and early to watch the sunrise at 6:00. There were a few moans at having to get up so early, but everyone was a good sport and got up. I think everyone was glad they did. We throughly enjoyed seeing the sun rise over the crater and mountains of Mizpeh Ramon. 

We sat in silence for a while in awe and worship of God who created all of this.

After breakfast we loaded the bus and headed to Arad. At Arad there were ruins of a small temple from the time of Hezekiah.

We talked a lot about redemption and how that is so important. As we look at the big story, what are we doing to bring back the prodigal?  Many times we live life like it’s all about us. What are we doing to bring Shalom to the people around us?

We also talked about how God dwells in our heart instead of in the tabernacle. Now, instead of offering sacrifices morning and evening, we live a life of sacrifice all the time.

We ended our time in Arad with a time of sharing our highlights as a group. It was special to hear all the memories and things that had challenged people.

This trip has deeply impacted all of us and we praise God that we had this opportunity. It is going to be hard to leave this group, as we have become quite close.

We got to our motel this evening and had a little time to freshen up and eat supper before we headed to the airport. We will probably be in the air when you read this. Pray for us as we part ways and apply what we have learned through this trip. It has been powerful and life changing! Thank you so much for your prayer and support as we walked in the dust of our Rabbi.

3 thoughts on “SMBI Study Tour Day 11

  1. Was no.11 the last post? This AM I thought I saw another post come as I was opening our computer, but I never found it.ThaCFould you resend it if there was another one? I enjoy posts so don’t want to miss any.Wayne and Anna Marie


    1. Yes day 11 was the last one. We had updated it with pictures so maybe that is what you saw. Thanks for following our journey.


  2. Thank you so much to each of you who contributed here for the remainder of us to hear and see just a part of what you all experienced! I wish I could sit with each one of you and hear what meant the most to you!!


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