SMBI Study Tour Day 9

This morning was bitter sweet as we drove out of Jerusalem. We were excited to continue on our journey but also very sad to leave a city that had become dear to us. Two of us ran up to the harp bridge before we left to enjoy it one more time. As we left Jerusalem we headed east towards the Judean Wilderness. It didn’t take long for the landscape to change. But the desert has a beauty all of it’s own. Our first stop was Qumran. It was very interesting to hear about the group of people who lived there and would have written the scrolls that were later found. These people believed in what they did. They thought it was important to stay pure so they dug through 50 ft. of solid rock to bring water for their ritual baths. What do we believe in and how does that affect our lives? As we traveled from Qumran to En Gedi we drove along the Dead Sea for most of the way. If we only take in and never give out and bless others, we will die from the inside out just like the Dead Sea. The sun was more intense and it felt quite warm as we got off the bus at En Gedi. God is a shade tree. It was incredible to feel the difference as we stepped out of the direct sun into shade. God will give us what we need just as we need it. En Gedi was a beautiful place in the middle of the desert. It was amazing to see life in the middle of such a dry place. We reflected on the importance of living water. It was powerful as we watched the water pour out of the rock and create an oasis. We were given time to sit and reflect. It was a beautiful place! No matter how hot or dry our desert is in life, God will provide for us.

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