SMBI Study Tour Day 3

We left our hotel in Tiberius this morning around 7:15 and headed north up the Hula Valley to the city of Dan. We traveled along the border of Lebanon. We were able to see into both Lebanon and Syria.Joe challenged us while we were driving to “hagah” (devour) the Word. It’s only when we “hagah” the Word that it will change us.Our first stop was in Dan. There we saw the place where Jeroboam built a temple to keep the people from going to Jerusalem to worship.We were challenged to think about the idols in our lives that keep us from truly worshipping God.From there we took a small walk to the place where we could see an old city dating back to the time of Abraham. It was mind boggling to think of seeing something that was 5,000 – 6,000 yrs old.Our second stop was in Caesarea Philapi where the Temple of Pan was located. It was a very pagan and wicked place.But it was to this place where Jesus brought his disciples. It was very thought provoking to sit there and reflect on what Jesus said while he was there. It brought a different perspective on Jesus’ words to deny ourselves when we were looking at a place where people did all kinds of wicked things. Will we stand for truth even when the crowd isn’t? We saw what was called the gates of hell and how Jesus said that the church will be able to prevail or stand against them.Next we stopped at Olea Essence where we learned how they make olive oil. They also make skin products from the pulp of the olive. Even the men got in on trying the sample beauty products. We ladies got a good laugh out of watching them. We were also able sample the olive oil.After lunch we traveled to Qatari where we were able to go into a house like the houses that would have been in Jesus’ time. As we were all in the house we talked about the story where the four men left their friend down through the roof and how it was by their faith that the man was healed.From Qatzrun we headed Gamla where saw the ruins of a zealot city that was conquered by Rome. We weren’t able to hike down because of time.Our last stop of the day was at Susita which is on the east side of the sea of Galilee. This would have been considered the far country where the pagans lived. To get there we took the scenic route that happened to be on a narrow road which went through an area that still has land mines left over from the war on either side of the road. We were assured that it was completely safe.One of the challenges from that site was from the story of the man that had the demon driven out of him. What are we doing that will influence the next generation? And if we would live and love like Jesus, how much of a difference would it make in the worl around us.We ended our day watching the sun set over the mountains above the Sea of Galilee. It was beautiful! It was special to be able to see the entire Sea of Galilee all at one time. It is only about 13 miles long and 8 miles wide.As we walked the two miles or so down the mountain, it got dark before we reached the bus. We finished our hike by flashlight. It turned into a highlight to experience the sunset and then watch and listen as the night came to life.It is hard to believe that we are only on our third day. We have seen so much already and our hearts are full. But we are so excited to see what the next days will bring!

One thought on “SMBI Study Tour Day 3

  1. I am so enjoying walking thru the land with you! Its been several years now since my husband and I visited Israel, and hearing your experience has wet my appetite to go back…

    We will never forget seeing the sun rise over the see of Galilee. Your picture of it going down is beautiful…
    Thanks for taking the time to write…


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