Discover Israel- Day 12

After winding our way through traffic on the streets of Jerusalem, we started our day here. I will never grow tired of this view. I just love standing here and remembering. Remembering all that has happened here, yes, but remembering that this is the City of God, and how much He loves this place. It’s the hub, the heart of the land God cares for. His eyes are continually on it. Deuteronomy 11:12. I remember how our Messiah wept as He looked out over the city, expressing His grief: “O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, how I would have longed to gather you under my wings as a hen gathers her chicks, but you were not willing.” (Matthew 23, Luke 13) “His own received Him not (John 1), but we are to stir them to jealousy with our believing!” (Romans 11:14) Will we join the heart-cry of our Messiah?

We had time to enjoy the ancient olive trees in the traditional visitor’s site of the Garden of Gethsemane. Note this tree has a stone pile prop to keep it from falling apart. I love the story I get from this picture! Can we as living stones lend strength to the elderly around us?

Here is a new olive shoot coming out of the old tree. What a beautiful picture of Life!!

A spectacular view of the Eastern Gates! Shut and locked. Someday our Lord will return. Will He enter these gates?

We are enjoying one last day in the Land!

Our Community…

Vernon, Verna, and son Wendell Beachy from Stone Creek, Ohio, Lou and Karen Graber from Montgomery, Indiana, Willis and Melva Troyer from Winesburg, Ohio, Darin and Dinah Knepp from Odon, Indiana, Phil and Darlene Sutton from Columbus, Ohio, Jeremiah Nisley from Lakeville, Ohio, Laura Troyer from Winesburg, Ohio, Allen Yoder from Berlin, Ohio, Betty Yoder from Hutchinson, Kansas, Caleb Zook from Milroy, Pennsylvania, Wanda Hoover from New Holland, Pennsylvania, Paul Miller from Walnut Creek, Ohio, and his sister Martha Miller from Sugarcreek, Ohio, Ruth Beiler from Gap, Pennsylvania and her sister Leona Beiler who is a schoolteacher in Mexico.

A trek through the streets of Jerusalem brought us through the Damascus Gate. Over the past years, there has been lots of drama here!

This is the Garden Tomb visitor’s site. It is a beautiful place to visit – well done and nicely kept!

A few last pictures with strangers who quickly became our friends as we walked together as a community…

We greatly enjoyed our dear guide, Stan Goodenough from Jerusalem, and Jamal, our Muslim bus driver from Arad, Israel. They were a huge blessing!

Don’t cry because it’s over, … smile because it happened!’ ~ Dr. Suess

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