Discover Israel- Day 9

We have been staying in Tiberias the last three nights. Watching the sun rise over the Galilee is a special gift. Remembering that our Rabbi was here, deepens our awareness of the Presence of the Lord in this Land.

A short hike from the back side of Bet She’an brought us to the crest of the hill above the ancient Decapolis city. A thorough geography lesson concerning the strategic place of this city, and a vivid description of the way of life. 1 Samuel 31 came alive for us here!! The battle between good and evil- ‘Who is god/God?’ is illustrated throughout the Text with battles between the Philistines, Egypt, Rome – and Israel. Each one is fighting for the place of most influence. Looking down over the ruins of this pagan city after such a message, left me deeply desiring to continually align my heart with my Father’s and bring Shalom to the chaos that grieves His heart.

An ancient Roman road

We drove to Shiloh in Samaria, and stood on a hill overlooking the land. Looking just to the east, across the Rift Valley, are the Gilead Mountains, and the ancient land of Ammon.

Hiking to the top of the hill, surrounded by the rich greenness of the vineyards around us, …

… seeing olive groves and cities being built on the surrounding hillsides, …

… and many more vineyards, we listen with our eyes: Ezekiel 36 and Jeremiah 31. We are seeing prophecy fulfilled before our very eyes. It was POWERFUL!!! It was also very stretching, as we listened to the Muslim prayer call from the town in the hills below us. Amos 9:13, Joel 3:18. Do we have ‘eyes to hear’?

Arriving back in Jerusalem, we experienced the customary Israeli hospitality at our hotel ~ with a refreshing drink.

After we settled in a bit, Verna took us to her favorite place in Israel – the Shuk! It’s an open air market that has every kind of food shop you could imagine, and more of the same! If you ever get to come here, be sure to go to Halva Kingdom! Yummy!

Shopping and dealing with this culture was a delightful adventure! These people love to interact with you!

At least the adults are! ; P

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