Discover Israel- Day 8

Excitement and anticipation ran high as we approached these boats after being told we are sailing the Sea of Galilee this morning!

Wake up, Jonah! Or is it Jesus who is asleep at the wheel of the boat? How do the stories of these two men impact you when you read them back to back?

Many Biblical sites are debatable, but the Sea of Galilee is still here! We KNOW Jesus was here!

Yay!!!??? Another hike. Mt Arbel, here we come!!

We anticipate getting to the top for a full view of The Sea of Galilee. Was this the mountain Jesus climbed? Mark 6:46-53.

Entrance to the synagogue at Capernaum.

The black basalt rocks in the foundation of the synagogue is the kind they used in Jesus’ day. He must surely have been here!

The Jordan River is a blessed sight!

After reading Joshua 3, Vernon left us with this challenge: “What is it that the Lord is asking you to dare put your toes into the water like the priests did?” He also taught us about ‘Mikva’ . What would you like to have the Lord wash away here?

We had a jolly good time in the water – enjoying living water together.

NOTE: I am sorry that I am so many days behind in writing this, and we are now at home. But as time allows, I will continue to post the remaining days for those of you who enjoy following our blog.

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