Discover Israel- Day 5

We are now in the green hills of the north. It is a blessing to see! But let me remind us that the desert was also fruitful. We are on our way to Nazareth Village after a Shabbat rest at our hotel this forenoon. This is a recreated first century museum.

Threshing tools for grains

This first-century winepress was found intact and original. Note the small trough at the bottom right hand corner of this picture. The juice flowed through that trough into the stone vat beneath. Village girls tread the grapes with bare feet in order to not crush the seeds. Ask someone who has been here why they didn’t want the seeds crushed. ; )

Olive trees

The heavy olive press was usually turned by a donkey.

Hannah demonstrated carding, spinning, and weaving wool raised on the farm, and explained the tedious process of dyeing the wool.

A synagogue is the heart of the village, used as an event center, a school, and a place to study the Torah.

The village’s highly-prized copy of the scroll was carefully kept in the synagogue. It was a privilege to read the Scripture portion of the week. In Luke 4, the Text tells us Jesus read from Isaiah 61.

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