Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 14

This morning we were up bright and early, before most of the US people were in bed. Instead of our beloved big bus with Samer driving, we had a mini-bus. The luggage was stacked to the ceiling, and we filled almost all of the seats.

We got through Tel Aviv security with minimal trouble. One of the ladies had to take out her hairpins.

One of the special aspects of this trip was all of the new connections we made with each other. Many of us had never met before. During the tour, we became good friends. We’re already planning for reunion(s). Hopefully Ohri can be along sometime.

With rolling the clocks back seven hours, this looks to be a long day.

Flying across The Land, I caught one last glimpse of Jerusalem.

We landed in Amman with plenty of time to get our next flight. Virgil and Jackie caught their flight to Chicago.

We boarded the Royal Jordanian 787 Dreamliner and settled in for the long flight back to the western world.

Thanks for following us on this trip. Maybe you can start dreaming about a time when you will walk the text in The Land.


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