Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 12

We started the day with an exploration of the City of David. The beginning of Jerusalem was this 14 acre patch of land bordered by the Gehinnom and Kidron Valleys.

Hezekiah built an aquaduct through solid rock to provide water for the city during a siege. Walking through the tunnel to the Pool of Siloam was a highlight. The water was up to 70 cm deep, but less for most of the hike. Some places were a narrow squeeze, some places we had to duck our heads. The only light was from our flashlights and headlamps. Twice we turned off all lights to experience total darkness. All in all, it was an exciting trip.

The Siloam Pool must have been a magnificent sight.

After coming through the tunnel we walked up a newly excavated section of the Tyropean Way, an ancient road the people walked from Siloam to the temple. Since the excavation isn’t complete, we traveled much of the way through a Roman drainage tunnel.

We surfaced near the temple, at the site of the Robinson Arch at the southwestern corner of the temple. There are piles of stones left as they were after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

It is believed that near this corner of the temple was the pinnacle where the shofar would be blown to signal the time for the sacrifice.

We sat on the southern steps of the temple for a Bible study. We talked about Pentecost, and how the pouring out of the Holy Spirit may have happened here.

Next we visited the Western Wall.

Then we visited Moshe’s shop in the Jewish Quarter. He spoke to us about the improving dialog between Christianity and Judaism. He has come to understand that we love God the Father just as they do, not only our salvation.

A menorah nearby is prepared for the anticipated third temple. Ohri said it is according to dimensions given in the Bible.

The last stop of the day was the Holocaust Museum. It is saddening to think of the depths to which humans can sink in their treatment of fellow humans. No photographs were allowed in the museum. At the exit of the museum the the floor rose gradually to a beautiful view of Jerusalem. This symbolizes the hope of holocaust survivors to return to the land of Israel.

Featured Participants

Andrew and Julia Zimmerman enjoy traveling and photography. This trip is special because it enables a closer connection with Biblical stories. It has given them a deeper sense of the reality for the accounts of Jesus’ time on earth. They are thankful for the privilege of participating.

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