Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 7

This morning we slept in and didn’t have breakfast until 7. We then drove to Nazareth Village. This is a reconstructed first century farm in the Nazareth area. After the village was started back in the 90’s, an archeological dig uncovered an actual winepress from Jesus’ time, carved into the rock.

In the synagogue of the village we heard the story of Jesus reading Isaiah 61:1-3 and telling them this scripture is fulfilled. Walking outside, we could see the precipice which, according to tradition, is where they tried to cast him headlong. The photos of Nazareth Village are mine, used with their permission. See http://www.nazarethvillage.com for more info on the organization.

We drove up Mount Precipice and walked out to the edge. We could look over to the Mountain of Transfiguration.

From there we started east toward Galilee. Joe offered a prize to the first person to see the Sea of Galilee. Martha Hurst was the first. The Sea is about 7 miles wide and 12 miles long.

We visited Magdala and saw a 1st century synagogue. It was just discovered 10 years ago. Mary the Magdalene was from Magdala. It is almost a given that Jesus taught in that very synagogue.

I’m finding it hard to really comprehend that this land is where so many of the Bible events took place. But here in Galilee it’s starting to sink in.

From Magdala we went to Bethsaida. Here we saw a first century fisherman’s house. Also some older ruins of a city gate and courtyard. Joe talked about the triangle of Bethsaida, Capernaum, and Chorizon, where Jesus did most of his teaching.

After Bethsaida we went to Capernaum.

On the way to our hotel we stopped at Capernaum National Park. We sat on rocks along the shore of Galilee. Joe talked about Peter and being willing to “get out of the boat.”

Featured Participants

Ivan and Katie Mae Lapp are from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Ivan is the pastor for the Shaver’s Creek congregation. They have long dreamed of coming to Israel. Joe was at their church teaching about the Land and the Jewish context of the Scriptures. The Lapps have nine children and fifteen grandchildren.

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