Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 6

We left Jericho this morning, driving westward. We went through the outskirts of Jerusalem, and on towards Tel Aviv. Joe doesn’t give us a lot of info ahead of time for the day’s agenda.

Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel, by population and also geographically. It is hilly. Tel Aviv is almost a different world. It is on flat terrain, with very modern-looking buildings.

We visited Ceasarea, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It was very windy, and waves crashed on the rocky shore.

In the ancient world, visiting the theatre was forbidden for Jews by the rabbis. Like Hollywood today, it presented an atheistic world view as the norm.

We stood inside the governor’s house, where Paul was tried. He appealed to Ceasar and sailed to Rome from here.

Herod’s aquaduct

Our guide, Ohri, took us to his parents’ home in Zichron Ya’aqov. This is highly unusual, and we were glad for the privilege. He said because we opened our hearts to him he opened his home to us. We sang “I Thank the Lord my Maker” with Ohri recording a video for his mother.

We got lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch we visited Beth-El Group, a community started by German Christians in 1963. They number about 900, and have several locations throughout Israel.

From the Beth-El kibbutz we drove up Mount Carmel. We sat and listened to the story of the contest, with a beautiful view of the Jezreel valley below us. It was very inspiring to think about how the power of God was shown so dramatically on this mountain thousands of years ago. We serve the same God that Elijah served.

We drove by the Megido Valley on the way to our hotel in Nazareth. We’ve been in a different hotel every night except the second night.

The view from our hotel in Nazareth

And another one at night

Featured Participants

DJ and Martha Peachey are from Belleville, Pennsylvania. Dave is a minister at the Pleasant View congregation. He is an avid student of the Bible, and came on this trip to learn in the context of The Land. The Peacheys have four children ages 8 to 16. They’re pictured here on Mount Carmel with the Jezreel Valley in the background.

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