Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 2

Our first day to walk in the land! And walk we did – over 5 miles!

We visited Tel Gezer. The ruins of a city gate are from Solomon’s era. Joe talked about the significance of the gate in those days. It was a place of safety for those coming in. The Church should be a place of safety. Do we fulfill God’s will in rescuing those who are hurting?

We saw the valley of Aijalon. The sun stood still so it wouldn’t shine in the eyes of the Israelites fighting.

We visited a “gethsemane”, or olive press.

David killed Goliath in the Elah Valley. We picked up smooth stones in the brook as souvenirs.

Featured attendees

Virgil and Jackie (Kenaston) Hershberger are from Shipshewanna, Indiana. Coming from vastly different backgrounds, they found each other after experiencing widowhood. Jackie grew up in a non-Anabaptist home and was in the hippie culture when she was born again. She married Dennie Kenaston, who was instrumental in starting the Charity church. Dennie died of cancer in 2012. Virgil’s first wife died of cancer in 2011. Virgil grew up Beachy and was ordained deacon and then bishop. Coming to Israel is a lifelong dream come true. It’s something of a first anniversary trip for Virgil and Jackie.

One thought on “Taste of Honey (Leadership Study) Day 2

  1. To the group walking the text : we are so excited for all of you ! What a blessing to be walking in the land that the patriarchs walked , and where Jesus walked and to see the land so green. May you treasure each moment, every day . Be careful not to eat too much especially for lunch because you can get drowsy afterwards on a very warm day and I have observed more than one person having a good lunch nap on previous trips

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