Covenant Chorale Day 14

We visited the garden tomb this morning, which is located just outside the old city wall and beside a hill which closely resembles a skull. The hill is now eroding, but at one time it clearly had two eyes and a nose. If Jesus was crucified here, it was most likely at the foot of the hill, not at the top as we usually imagine that it was.

Joe taught the seven feasts of the Hebrews, showing us how Jesus fulfilled the first three feasts. Passover by His death on the cross at 3:00, just when the evening sacrifice was made. Buried on Unleavened Bread, and raised on First Fruits. And did He bring any first fruits? Yes! The saints who rose from the grave when the earth quaked. By the way, what do you suppose they did until Jesus resurrected?

We sang a few songs at the tomb, where we had many listeners. It is bittersweet to think of leaving Israel. Bitter because it has been such a blessed time, and sweet because we are going home!

We shopped some in the Christian quarter, then had lunch on our own. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Yad Vashem, which means “a memorial and a name”. The purpose of this museum is to give back to the massacred Jews a name and an identity, which was brutally taken from them.

Wake up call is at midnight tonight, although I doubt many of us will be asleep. Then it will be time to travel to the airport! Thank-you for following us on our journeys, concerts, and studies. And thank-you for your prayers! It has been a wonderful experience filled with miraculous events and amazing contacts with the Jewish people. We have been blessed indeed.

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