Taste of Honey- Day 9

For some of us, the day began with a beautiful sunrise over the Sea of Galilee. IMG_4963.JPG


The day of teaching began at Chorazin where we are invited to ‘hagah’ the Word. (Joshua 1:8)IMG_5023.JPGThe heart of Jesus comes out in Matt. 5:21-34: In our way of thinking, this woman was at the wrong place if she was in the middle of the crowd, for she was unclean. Did Jesus condemn her? Are we so close that we can reach out and touch the hem of His garment?IMG_4989.JPG

In my Father’s house are many …?  Are we expecting to achieve the ‘American Dream’ in Heaven? The pictures that became reality and the dialogue here was life changing.DJI_0349.JPG

During the excursion down the Mt of Beatitudes, Heaven came down to earth. It was the closest we could imagine it to be like being with Jesus. Would agreeing with your adversary quickly be a good way not to go to bed angry?  What is the light of the eye? How is the eye single? Whenever the rabbi moved on ahead, the disciples would continue to dialogue, learning lessons every step of the way. Not everyone was able to walk in the dust of the rabbi, so we were content to walk in the dust of those walking with us. IMG_20160922_111709544_HDR.jpg

After this, we enjoyed a lunch by the sea. Well, most of us did. One disciple had a desire to go where the rabbi hadn’t been, preferring to eat from a table in the sea. Close to a spring,  it would’ve been a great place to fish in the olden days. Bread and fish, anyone?Israel Day 9.jpg

Is this an opportunity for Peter to try his hand at walking on the water the way his Rabbi did?IMG_5060.JPG

Susita was an impressive Decapolis city in its day.IMG_5117.JPG

We learned much about 3 hellenistic influences introduced by Alexander the Great, whose endeavors still thrive today. One of them is sports. Does the way we do sports reflect the heart of God? It was exciting for several of us to have our eyes ripped wide open! We share our insights with one another as we walk back to the bus. Yesterday the question was raised: What if our 12-16 yr old youth would know and enjoy the Text the way these 1st century people did? What can we do to bless our young people in this way? Would they be spared of the tough ‘teenage’ years? When did the word ‘teenagers’ actually come into being? IMG_5124.JPG

We have here among us pillars, who are far more beautiful than those in the background ever were- even in their best day! IMG_5156.JPG

A vigorous hike to this well-known river in the heat of the day, ….IMG_5174.JPG…was rewarded by this healing, refreshing experience.IMG_5183.JPG

It marks a landmark for all of us. A white bird flew by to assure us that God is speaking! IMG_5209.JPGIsrael Day 9 (2).jpg

Note that the rod of Aaron blossomed today. He discovered that when these flowers are immersed in water, they smell even sweeter. Hmm… what does that remind you of?? This day was magnified as a blessing straight from the heart of God! We are more passionate than ever to allow ourselves to be clean, pure vessels to be used in the Kingdom.

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