Taste of Honey-Day 8

Beginning our day at Qatsrin. Our session begins inside a first century house with the story of the four men bringing the paralytic to Jesus. They tore the roof open to let the man down. The question is raised: Who fixed the roof? IMG_4766.JPG

How much time do we spend looking for prodigals? IMG_4777.JPG

Wouldn’t you love to grind wheat with this kind of a millstone?? IMG_4787.JPG

We drove through the Valley of Tears where 70 Israeli tanks were in combat with 700 Syrian tanks on Yom Kippur, holding them at bay until reinforcements arrived. Paul may possibly have traveled this way to Damascus. Here is also where the borders of  Israel, Lebanon, and Syria meet.IMG_4806.JPG

Jesus brings His disciples here to this pagan place- the Temple of Pan. When He told Peter here that He will build His church on this Rock, He was surely not speaking literally. Is it possible that He was preparing them for when they would meet up with such evil in the future? IMG_4864.JPG

The beautiful paths to Tel Dan were like paradise. IMG_4879.JPG

We greatly enjoyed this tributary of the Jordan river.IMG_4876.JPG

Some of us discovered these are reeds. IMG_4942.JPG

There are a few beautiful city gates that date back to various eras- all on one site. ‘Ask Dan’ what the city is. He is sitting in the city gates where it seems Ahab would have been! We especially know Abraham was in this vicinity but not necessarily at these gates. Israel Day 8.jpg

Jeroboam and Rehoboam may very likely have been here. As our guide keeps reminding us- we will not know for sure. We only go by what is written in the Text, and of course, discoveries are made by archaeologists.IMG_4912.JPG

It was interesting to see Israel’s oak tree today. Tree .jpg