Taste of Honey- Day 7

Shadows were still high on the opposite mountain, and the moon high in the sky when we started up Mt. Arbel.IMG_3897.JPG

Give God something to bless, and enjoy the journey!IMG_3895.JPGPeriodically, at the times when we needed a rest, the Rabbi would stand tirelessly and teach his heart out. First he paints a clear picture of Jesus and His disciples walking this dusty trail many times over– ESPECIALLY Jesus,when He prayed for His disciples early in the morning or late at night or even all night. Then we talk about the women and children who lost their lives up there in the ancient cave city. We were reminded how sometimes in life we have such a steep mountain to climb. We had an awesome discussion about what might  be some ways to help us climb those mountains? …walking with someone (We witnessed the Rabbi turning back down the trail, and helping someone along), joy and peace in our hearts, accepting the circumstances. Ahh! yes. Who enjoys window shopping? Women might enjoy it, but men are often focused on the end result– (Heaven?). How about we focus instead on bringing Heaven’s Kingdom to the earth by being a blessing? IMG_3908.JPG

Carrying another’s pack, IMG_3919.JPG

Using our energy and lending our strong muscles to whomever may need them,  and embracing the struggle. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.IMG_3933.JPG

We also experience Abba Father when we are walking hand in hand with our community. IMG_2194.JPG

As the path gets steeper, IMG_3946.JPGyou definitely don’t even wait till someone asks. You just reach out and take their hand. IMG_3948.JPG

Appreciating the little things along the path, really helps us to enjoy the journey. Here are some flowers some of us noticed.Israel Day 7.No.1.jpg

The Sea of Galilee Experience was a refreshing part of our journey. It is not the Rabbi sleeping in the stern of the boat. He is mingling with His disciples as they enjoy each other’s company.

Israel Day 7.No.2.jpg

Afterwards, we had a St. Peter’s fish lunch, and went on to Caphernaum.


We learned about how the people of their day could know that Jesus was a Rabbi with ‘smicha’. Did you know Jesus went about choosing His disciples in a much more inviting way than what their culture was used to? Once again the heart of God is revealed.


It was special having our Rabbi teach at the shores of the Sea of Galilee about how Jesus took the disciples to ‘the other side’, and what terror they may have felt when the demon-possessed man came running out. What influence do you think this man had in his community after Jesus spoke life into this man? Don’t ever think that you can’t make a difference. You can- when you choose to speak life and to be a blessing. What does it mean to be a blessing? What does that look like? I suggest you ask one of these disciples.IMG_4052.JPG

A note to those of you that follow this blog daily: The words of encouragement and life that you speak, are filtering through our community here. Thank you for cheering us on! I have no apology for missing a day. ; ). The rabbi and 5 of his disciples hiked up and down Mt Arbel again this evening after dark, and it was touching to hear the rabbi pray there for his disciples, just as our Rabbi did 2000 years ago. Brothers and Sisters- your prayers, as righteous men/women, avails much.


One thought on “Taste of Honey- Day 7

  1. We are encouraged by your testimony.Continue to lift up Jesus so that all men may be drawn Him. Immerse yourself in the text. The Fishers


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