Taste of Honey- Day 6

Today it is time to learn from Herod. He was an amazing architect, and very visionary. His ways were so opposite from what we ever want to follow. Yet we can learn so much from his life. Wait a minute! He was an unbeliever, right? How can this be that his life could speak to us? Come, let’s see!IMG_3673.JPG

Well, he had some super magnificent cities built. He is remembered for at least two things: magnificent palaces and ruthless tyranny. We all desire to have an impact in life, but what will we be remembered for? Literally, all he ever built is in ruins now! Comparing him to Jesus is like the difference between night & day .IMG_3628.JPG

Joe expounds to us here how people in Egypt made bricks to make buildings with, and how bricks are all the same. The God of Israel wanted His people to use stone to build. Stone can not be put in a mold. Each piece, when chiseled out, is different. Each one of us is viewed in that way by God, and if we are to live out His heart, then how do you suppose we ought to be viewing people? How do we see ourselves? The pagans used bricks to build with, and we are not created to be bricks.IMG_3622.JPG

We looked for treasures that will help us ‘remember’.IMG_3645.JPG


Israel Day6. No.1.jpg

Elijah and Elisha were here in this area. What was it that Elisha asked for before Elijah was carried away? Did he get it? Ask someone on this trip if they remember what they learned here? Joe shows us where we are. The Brook Kishon is at the foot of this Mt. Carmel. He also teaches us about other important strategic landmarks in this region.Truly, the Bible comes to life as never before, and we realize that these people had emotions and feelings just as we do, and God has never changed– He’s as unoffendable as He ever was! IMG_3701.JPG


Nazareth Village serves to make it even more real as we learn how things were done during Bible times. IMG_3817.JPG

Imagine treading out grapes to make grape juice. It’s a prime time to practice dancing! It was done by the girls’ bare feet. We were told about why the Text says ‘new wine is put in new wine skins’ as well.IMG_3813.JPG

Sitting in this synagogue, one can almost feel how it it is to be worshipping here regularly.DJI_0272.JPG

At the end of our tour, there was a wall that honored those who helped build this museum, and the messages here are some outstanding and important messages! Israel Day 6.1.jpg

We are also enjoying God’s creation. This is Israel’s biggest butterfly. It is like our Monarch. I believe these are also some we have at home.Israel Day6. No.2.jpg

Almond tree.IMG_3803.JPG

Small Aloe Vera Tree? That’s what it looked like. I am not sure what it is, but it was impressive. It looks much bigger here than it is.IMG_3717.JPG

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