The Land Molding Us


In the early morning we drove to the top of Mount Arbel.


From the top we made our way down the front. It was steep.


After a short session halfway down, exploring the houses and  caves that were built into the cliff face of ancient Arbel, we proceeded to climb back up the backside cliff face.


We have this brave 71 year old woman who did every step up the steep cliff face with the younger ones.


This hike sapped a lot of our strength. The question was asked, “Why does Joe always pick the hard way?”

“Is this not just like our life so often is? Hard. Rough. Treacherous.” Do those situations not teach us to lighten the load of our brother?” This land is a literal picture of our lives. Most of us truly discovered the truth behind the saying, “The land(of Israel) will chew you up and spit you out.






On the banks of Galilee by Capernaum.

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