Gone To Galilee

Today, after sojourning all this time in Abraham and David country, we gathered our “flocks and herds” together and traveled to Jesus country. Making some stops along the way.


We all enjoyed the Dead Sea sunrise, peeking over the Moab mountains.


And one of us enjoyed it so much he had to get in the water!


The history of Qumran captured our interest. We hiked to the foot of the mountain.


The outlook from Mt. Gilboa was wonderful. This valley has likely seen more blood and wars than any other place in the world.


Joe did a wonderful job of getting us oriented geographically on Mt. Gilboa.


Roman roads, 2000 years old, is the kind of roads we need in America. They last very long.


Four things that Alexander the Great sought to introduce to the world. He was successful. Alexander still shapes our Western worldview today! You have to visit this place to find out those 4 things.


Date palms along the trail look delicious!


This place is an inside joke for people who have been here.

We had a wonderful day today. All of us are getting to know each other better and liking what we find in each other.

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