Wilderness Day

A foggy morning greeted us in Tel Arad. It was beautiful! DSC_0012

The gates of the city gave us a warm welcome.


Preparing for a teaching session.


Hiking to the Canaanite section of town.


Masada: “Please bring those legs that feel like jelly and climb up my backside.”


“Then, if you are young and still have legs that cooperate half decent, run down the 1 1/2 mile, 1100 ft. elevation drop front side, while your elders take the cable car. We will feed you lunch! Promise! With sweat running into your Schawarma.”


Made it! Down the Snake Path! Now for those delicious sweat-filled Schawarma!


Okay. So En-Gedi and iced coffee did make up for the hot Masada hike. But this picture: It reminds me of how much you and I love reading God’s Word. Or does it?


You can see how happy En-Gedi(and iced coffee) makes us.


Then of course tonight we are enjoying the waters of the Dead Sea. Bobbing like a cork.

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