Desert Experiences in Timnah

Our day began at 7:00 in Mitzpe Ramon. DSC_0027

The beautiful sunrise was spectacular.


The Ibex were present in the early morning, as tame as you please.


We did one looooong hike in about 4 hours. As this was the only hike planned for the day, it was extremely rough. Very treacherous, steep and rocky, some of our people had a very hard time.


But the feeling of victory after the utter exhaustion was well worth the struggle.


Then the long grueling hike back down the other side of the mountain, into the far off valley you see in the distance, turned out to be tough as well.


The mountain with the flat top and plateau is where we hiked up to and back down. A total of around 6-7 miles. Tough.


Lesson learned: Shade in the desert, no matter how little, is priceless! How do you portray the feeling of shade to the people in your life?


Then the clincher: How Our Father in heaven walked with His people Israel in the desert. They made space for Him in the form of this Tabernacle(a replica). God filled this space. Do you make space for Him in your busy life?

One thought on “Desert Experiences in Timnah

  1. I was trying to decide if I should even look at these posts..cuz it always just puts me into some great sentimental mode. But I can’t help it, I love seeing more groups experience this land, and the truth of our Messiah’s word. So yes, I’m inspired again!


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