The Land Welcomes “Sweeter Than Honey”

Shalom dear friends!

My name is David. I will attempt to keep you up to date on this tour group trip to Israel, dubbed “Sweeter Than Honey.”  Our teacher, Joe Mullet, in association with Talmidim Studies, is doing a wonderful job of leading this group of people from diverse backgrounds and faiths. Our hotel accommodations west of Jerusalem is where we started this morning.


Our first stop was Gezer, one of the 3 cities Solomon fortified.


The city gates(of Gezer) were of great interest as it is often mentioned in the Text how certain men sat in the city gates, judging Israel.


Remember how the Children of Israel were commanded to set up stones after they crossed the Jordan River? Also we are to be living stones and pillars of hope to those in our community. Are we truly portraying this picture?


And Samson went down to Timnah…

And Samson saw… And Samson saw… And Samson saw…

And the Philistines put his eyes out.


The epic battles of Israel and the Philistines viewed from Azekah. More specifically, David and Goliath.


Tel Mareshah yielded its wisdom on an ancient Gethsemane where olive oil was pressed. And  also on underground caves under the houses of people from the Hellenistic time period.


The burial tombs of the rich people in ancient Mareshah.


Then, after a long drive, the awe inspiring view from Mitzpe Ramon, where we hail from this evening. It is located in the Negev Desert of southern Israel. You can see how we felt with this view reflected in our eyes.


A beautiful sunset topped the day off with tired folks heading to a restful hotel room after. It was a good break-in day.

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