-The Last Day and the Trip Home-

I took off on a little jaunt to the Old City to do some shopping after devotions. The girls took naps and the other men had a meeting somewhere.


So you heard about the incident that happened here in Jerusalem Sunday afternoon? Probably not. American media doesn’t often publish things that are pro-Israel or anti-Palestinian. A Jewish man here at the ^city hall^ in Jerusalem was attacked with a knife by a racist Arab.  Yes, you heard right, racist. Maybe the Jewish man was racist too, but really the problem here in the Middle East is all about race. I suppose it may also have something to do with the devil not liking what God’s chosen people are doing in the land of their heritage.  Anyway, the mayor of Jerusalem and his bodyguard happened to see the assault and immediately tackled the offender and wrestled him down. This mayor is no wussy!


I read about this incident in the news so I thought it would be cool to drop by and snap a few pictures. It happened just a little off Jaffa street close to the Old City. There was lots of  security and soldiers around when we walked through there Sunday night. Don’t let this scare you from visiting Israel though because they take very good care of their visitors and tourists.


Jaffa Street is an interesting street in Jerusalem. If you want to see action and variety go here.DSC_0524

A random creative jeep that caught my attention.


We checked out an organization called Bridges For Peace in the afternoon. This is our group minus the man on the far right. The Ethiopian church juts the sky in the background.


This is a bomb shelter that you have to run to whenever the sirens go off. This very rarely happens though.


We did some last minute shopping at the Shuq in the afternoon.


It is always quite interesting at the Shuq. We got our things quick and headed back to the hostel for a much needed nap in preparation for our flights home the next morning.


We headed out early in the morning.


I know airline pictures aren’t exactly entertaining, but I have this weakness for color and creativity in photos.


We arrived home at about 11 o’clock, tired, tuckered out, burning thirsty, and dead on our feet like living zombies. There will be one more blog post very shortly with a summary of the things we learned so stay tuned, it’s the most important post of the trip!

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