– Judean Wilderness And Sunday Worship-

February 22, 2015


Judean Wilderness, first stop of the day! Thank God the weather was amazing!


The blooming beauty of this wilderness is incredible! God answered our prayer in giving us a day of sunshine after last week’s dreariness.


We all split up and spent an hour of alone time in the wilderness for personal reflection. The warm sunshine, the cool breeze, the amazing soft grass, pretty flowers, the gentle roar of the flooded Wadi Qelt, meditation of Scripture and the peace and contentment of the wilderness combined, made me feel so comfortable that I dozed off a bit. So, while we did not get to spend a night sleeping in the wilderness as I hoped because of the weather,  a few of us(including me) can say that we have slept in the wilderness!


Ahhh… The beauty is so beautiful.


We marched along the flower strewn pathways that David, as a shepherd boy, likely led a flock of sheep on in his days.


Just more pictures. In a few months this will be a dry, parched land with almost no green.


Here’s 6 of the group. Yours Truly had to operate the camera.


We spent the afternoon in the Old City again. Moshe from the Shorashim Shop gave us a few gold nuggets and some stretching happened as well.


We spent the evening with the CAM mission here in the Christian Quarter.


We had an excellent night of fellowship. Tomorrow is our last day here and we are running out of time for the things we still want to do! Pray for us as we spend our last day here that God will walk before us and that we can walk before him! Ilila Tov!

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