-Shabbat Ramblings In Jerusalem-

February 21, 2015


Today we celebrated Shabbat by visiting a Jewish synagogue. It was an inspiration! In the afternoon we had a long discussion over the Abrahamic Covenant again. The late Dwight Pryor, of blessed memory, has left us with a huge blessing here in Jerusalem in the form of his wife. So we sat at Keren’s feet this afternoon and she taught us many new things of the Kingdom of Heaven.


We were also blessed with one of Keren’s friends, a brilliant young woman from Holland, who shared her story. Her ancestors helped  a Jewish family during the Holocaust and she is reaping the rewards in Jerusalem! She has a beautiful heart of love for the Jewish and Christian communities, and is very active in the Kingdom of redemption and restoration.


Evening chow time at CMA with the men hungrily digging into some excellent cooking by the women. It’s Shabbat, go ahead and eat, drink and be happy. God has provided all for which we are thankful. We are being spoiled. God is being so good with the timing of everything and doors that are opening. We shall come home rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.   God is good and there is contentment in our walk.

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