-Israel Snowed Over!-

February 20, 2015


The day dawns, everything lays under a coat of snow six inches thick. Under the snow is a slushy mess of water that just soaks up your shoes as you walk.


Fruitful lemon trees in the backyard bear the sour load of snow.


We slept in late, then just sat around and ran our mouth all morning. But I, being restless and the photography challenges calling me, ventured out into the cold slushy mess with little feet protection other than shoes in 6 inches of slushy snow. But snow covered palm trees on Yaffa Street are just so intriguing!


So I proceeded to walk around the Old City, and instead of shortcutting through the Damascus Gate I kept going on around. Lo and behold! I find myself in East Jerusalem in the forbidden Arab section, being pelted by snow missiles, outnumbered 20 to 1, by Muslim boys. I’m pretty sure they were in fun, but I seriously got a little nervous. Needlessly to say, I prayed my way through the rest of the way. It gave me just a little glimpse of the tension that Israelis face everyday.


Seeing the Mount of Olives covered under snow was definitely worth the long lonely walk though.


I hiked up the Mount of Olives to get a glimpse of the Temple Mount. When I saw these snow-covered tombs I was again reminded of the fleeting life we have here and how cold and silent death is. Yet through Jesus we have no fear of this death!


And the main reason that I endured the wet snow was to see this sight. So amazing!


I continued my round of the Old City, passing the Southern Stairs as I crossed over to walk up the west side.


Inside the walls of the south side, looking over the southern hills. I got home bedraggled and warm with sopping cold, wet socks, shoes and and pants. But it was worth it. It really was.


Pretty Pottery.


This is the way you remove snow. With a garbage truck and a claw.


I tell you, we have some of the most hilarious times with this joking brother. He will have us rip-roaring with laughter with some small joke. And his antics! This morning he reaches for the salt shaker to anoint his egg while he was watching other people eating. He accidentally got his glass of orange juice instead and anoints the egg with that. He got it all over his lap. This caused some belly shaking laughs all around!


Jimmy is an excellent teacher and example though. You should all get to know him. He’s cool.


The rest of the day was spent debating different things of Torah and the Abrahamic Covenant.


For Shabbat dinner we roasted hot dogs over the stove. The ladies are providing excellent cooking and being a huge blessing!


We wish you a merry Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!

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