-Awaiting The Storm-

February 19, 2015


Weather is wet, rainy and cold again. An almond and a blossom drip with cold rain in the morning. Our original plan today was to hike the Patriarchal Pathway but weather didn’t permit it.


Our guide then got the bright idea to let us visit a Yeshivat. This is where Jewish youth, ages 18-20, study Talmud, Torah and Mishnah in partnership with another young man their age. Some of them study from 7 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock in the evening. This puts the dedication of us Christians to shame.


We visited a library with old Jewish books. This one was printed in the 15th century. It’s the Torah with a commentary. The big Hebrew word you see is the first word of Torah, pronounced “Bereshit,” and means “In a beginning.”


There were soooo many books. And they were all written in Hebrew!


We had to get back to Jerusalem before the storm hits so we left early. The Snow Defense Force(SDF) stood at arms and ready to combat the snow. They are anticipating the biggest snow storm in 5 years so stay tuned for some interesting pictures!

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