– Marching Around Jerusalem –

February 17, 2015,


Our leader was not feeling well today so we decided to do some marching around Jerusalem. It didn’t take us 3 days like Nineveh but it was a few miles. We went down Jaffa  Street, to the Old City, turned left, walked past the New Gate and went down to the Damascus Gate.


Then we walked down the Via Dolorosa,


to the Lion’s Gate, where we exited and crossed the Kidron Valley to the Mount of Olives.


We saw the “good” Shepherd finding his lost lamb. He quickly texted his wife to tell her he’d be late for dinner.**


Ah. And then the most contested for place in the world! The center of the Earth for many religions.


From the Mount of Olives the view is spectacular.


There’s probably more than a million people buried here. It’s the largest cemetery in the world.


The Eastern Gates are still closed and will be until Messiah enters them as a King of all Nations.


The southeastern corner of the Temple Mount. After this we went into the Dung Gate and walked inside along the walls.


We walked out of and back into the Zion Gate and kept along the walls toward the Jaffa Gate where we exited onto Jaffa street and walked back to where we have spread our tents.*


For those of you that remember the June 2014 trip, we found the hotel near Ben Yehuda Street that we stayed at.

**figurative speech

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