-David’s Rambling Escapades and Other Character Studies-

February 16, 2015


A heavenly light shines in the city of Jerusalem as we head south again.


We were blown off course* and went Northwest through the hills of Ephraim instead.


But the pathways turned out to be flower-strewn.


The gates of Tel Lakhish welcomed us with no resistance.


There were walls built of mud brick such as made by the children of Israel during slavery. This is a sure sign of Egyptian presence or influence in ha’eretz(the land).


Geography and History are still my favorite subjects. Lachish was conquered by Joshua and is one of the strategic cities needed to control the land bridge of Israel.


We journeyed back out after we plundered the king of Lachish* and left him to rest in pieces(peace).*


We took our flocks and herds* and journeyed through the Coastal Plains where Yishaq(Isaac) reaped his fields with an hundredfold return. He must have been a rich man.


What is normally a desert will be an oasis when God is with you and sends rain. In a few months this land will be barren.


Aha! Ziklag appears! It is also known as Tel Serah. From this little town David could control the trade routes flowing east and west for Achish, king of Gath, while at the same time protecting Judean farmers and raiding the enemies of the Israelites. David wasn’t stupid. He could feed his men, hide from Saul, make money, keep his allegiance to his people, do his anointed duty, take revenge on the enemies of Israel, be at peace with his own enemies, and have protection guaranteed from the Philistines all at once. Brilliant! He’s my hero!


Ancient pottery shards at Tel Serah.


The view from Ziklag is spectacular. You’re looking west over a nachal(wadi).


Map studies at Ziklag.


The Israeli Defense Forces are keeping an eye on Gaza. See their spectacles written in the sky? At Lachish we heard rocket fire at 11:00 this morning. Very exciting!?


A very nice piece of artistic pottery found at Tel Haror(Gerar). Good eye Jimmy!


The sun sinking low over Gaza. Gaza was under 10 miles away here. On the way home we passed within 3 miles from Gaza and felt so safe that I slept.

***figurative speech

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