-David & Goliath—Is there more to the Story?-

February 15, 2015-

David grew up leading sheep, just like Moses.


David was an awesome Shepherd.


David very likely even learned how to lead those goats with mischievous, wicked gleams in their eyes in a mild manner. His life definitely shows it.


Why does the Text need us to know that David is ruddy and handsome?  Well, the Hebrew word for ruddy is admoni, which stems from adamah, meaning red earth. The name Adam comes from that root as well. This implies that David is a real man and an Image Bearer of his God as he walks down the hill to meet Goliath!


Now Goliath is dressed in bronze armor. His gods,(which he cursed David by) are small statues made of bronze! So Goliath is dressed in the image of his gods! This sets the stage for a showdown between the God of Israel and the gods of the Philistines!


The men of Israel watch from this ridge, holding their breath in fear and amazement at the chutzpah(daring) of this young 17 year old.


David carefully chooses 5 smooth stones from this brook,(Goliath had 4 brothers) and as he picked them up he probably thought of the mighty work that God would do with one of them.


He walks toward Goliath and they exchange “pleasantries.” Then Goliath is struck by the stone either in his kneecap or forehead. (Kneecaps were unprotected whereas foreheads weren’t. And the Hebrew text can mean kneecap there) He fell on his face as if bowing to the God of Israel. And God was again triumphant through the faith of a young man!DSC_0470

The Philistines tore off through the Elah valley back toward Gath and Ekron. And likely the people in Gath could see them coming as you can see Azekah from this point in Gath. The men of Israel cheered as they pursued them!


Gath controlled the Via Maris, the Way of the Sea and could charge tolls to traders that passed through there. David later fled to Gath and was a mercenary for King Achish and patrolled the Eastern Negev for him just like Abraham most likely did for Abimelech. This also gave David the opportunity to protect Judean farmers and build his reputation as unproclaimed, anointed King of Israel as far north as Hebron. The Bible is understood best when geograghy and context is used.


David also spent time building a small, Robin-Hood-like army writing psalms at the caves of Adullam. We were here till darkness and rain overtook us. And we had the fortune to see an Israeli Defense Force helicopter land and take off only about a stone’s throw away.


It got too dark for pictures. Here’s a cool song about David if you like. It’s in Hebrew>>>. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLA5zqNg-Ag

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