-My Heart is Dancing in Jerusalem!-


We are in Israel! It’s the first thing coming to mind as we opened our jet-lagged weary eyes in Tel Aviv this morning. It was cold and rainy when we checked in at the hotel in Tel Aviv last night, but this morning the streets were dry with a 60 degree feel to the air.


(My heart is dancing in Jerusalem) is the song that’s been running through my head all day (It’s a cool song by Sam Glaser if you’re wondering). There’s no words to describe the contentment and deep joy in my heart as we drove up the Ayalon Valley toward Jerusalem. There’s a spring in my step, I can’t hold still and I hate sitting in the hotel room. I feel like a son come home. ^^This the gate to the place where we are staying in Jerusalem for the next few days.^^


The streets are still full of people and performers even with a little nip in the air.


And of course we had to go shopping. Our hostel provides no food. Here I must insert that shopping with 6 other adults is a new adventure. We call it “shopping in community.”


The poor clerk was trying to figure out whose stuff is whose.  A seven-shopper crowd must be unusual even here. Also a falafel and shawarma on the walk back was key to start the first day.


We met this fellow from Norway. He is fluent in Koine Greek and knows some biblical Hebrew as well. I concluded that Norwegians are cool. Norway is definitely on my bucket list. This concludes our first day in the city. The next few days will be spent in different classes and personal connections with friends in Jerusalem. It will go a few days before we get our rental car and head into the Negev Desert.  Shalom! Le’hitra’ot!

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