-Open Our Eyes-


Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your Law. Psalm 119:18

We, a band of 7 pilgrims from the lovely land of Holmes county and beyond, are about to leave American soil and return to the land that holds a major part of our hearts. Already we have run into some exciting experiences, and each one of us is holding the tension and excitement back. In the midst of our tired wisecracks, the programs in the backs of our churning brains are running full speed, laying foundations, remembering things we’ve learned, and always searching for new revelations.
We have chosen Psalms 119:18 as our theme verse. As we looked at the verses beside that one there were other interesting things found.
We may seem disruptive on the plane at times as we practice our Hebrew phrases and sentences, but our fellow travelers don’t seem to mind and we’ve had good conversation thus far. We earnestly desire your prayers as we study and walk the land the patriarchs and kings of Israel called home. Pray the Father to grant us feet like hind’s feet, to walk the high places.

-Till next time, in Israel!

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